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Body for Life Vegetarian Meals

I'm going to share a week of vegetarian Body for Life menus. First, I feel it's only fair to warn you about my bias. I went through 7 years of pudgy, binge-eating, bloated hell as a vegetarian. If you're veggie for moral, ethical, or environmental reasons, I understand. Don't let these next few sentences sway you from your convictions. Cover your ears and sing... la, la, la, la, la.... but if you're like me and started it primarily for your health and for weight loss, damn, it was a rude awakening! I looked and felt awful. You know that hideous blog photo where I have the big round face? That was me at age 26 in all of my vegetarian glory. I wasn't getting anywhere near enough protein, my blood sugar was all over the place, my mood generally sucked, and I was driven to keep eating more and more carbs just to stay awake. Not good!
Now, I did eventually get a clue and change my diet to emphasize more protein. I started eating a lot more egg whites, cottage cheese, textured vegetable protein, and soy-based bars. That definitely curtailed some of the bingeing and made a big improvement in my weight and my moods. The problem was that I soon wanted to hurl anything resembling egg whites, cottage cheese, textured vegetable protein, or soy-based bars. :-) I also couldn't get below 24% body fat or get a really lean, muscular fitness look to save my life. After many months of soul-searching, I decided to go back to being a leather-wearing, chicken-eating, murderous carnivore. I lost 9 pounds in the first 3 weeks, felt 1000% better, and finally started seeing serious definition in my arms and my abs.
So, there's my tale. I'm not saying that you can't have success as a vegetarian, I'm just saying that you're going to have to have some strong convictions, plan like crazy, and be willing to eat a lot of bland crap. LOL :-) :-)
You definitely need the giant cooler, lots of cheap gladware containers, some portable utensils, a good shaker bottle with a screen, and a bunch of blue ice thingies. Meals might go something like:
1) scrambled egg whites, cantaloupe wedges
2) cottage cheese, strawberries
3) veggie burger, salsa, and light sour cream rolled in a whole wheat tortilla
4) protein shake
5) pasta with vegetarian crumbles, marinara, big salad with balsamic vinaigrette
6) cottage cheese, apple
1) 4 Morningstar farms breakfast links, bowl of oatmeal (sweeten with Splenda)
2) protein bar
3) Not Dog or Tofu Pup, 1 wheat bread, celery & carrot sticks, low-fat ranch dressing for dipping
4) cottage cheese, grapes
5) Greek omelet with 6 egg whites, a little feta cheese, olives, diced red bell pepper, a piece of toast or fruit
6) protein shake
1) protein shake, banana
2) cottage cheese, pear
3) veggie burger, lettuce, tomato, onion in whole wheat pita
4) protein bar
5) sliced veggie dogs sautéed with red & yellow peppers, onion, pineapple, barbecue sauce
6) string cheese, apricots
1) protein pancakes
2) protein bar
3) 1 hardboiled egg + 4 whites, big spinach salad, orange
4) cottage cheese, 2 plumbs
5) spicy black bean burger, grated low fat cheddar, salsa, a little cottage cheese, pear
6) protein shake
1) omelet with low fat cheese, diced veggies, 1 piece whole wheat toast
2) protein shake
3) cold pasta salad w/tofu, veggies, lowfat dressing
4) protein bar
5) stir fry with brown rice, tofu, lots of veggies
6) cottage cheese, apple
1) oatmeal, protein shake
2) cottage cheese, pineapple
3) veggie burger, wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, onion
4) protein bar
5) scrambled egg whites, omelet vegetables, melon wedge
6) veggie sausage, grapes

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